Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018: Quick Update

By Roy Philipose

Current Project: BA 2018
I am taking online classes to finish up my college degree. I actually found a college that has a decent BA program. My goal is to finish with straight As and so far, so good. The college I am attending is SNHU. After completion, I plan to enroll for my MBA at WGU. Both schools are accredited and affordable. The best part is that my cost is $0, as I get reimbursed by my company.

Current Project Update: BA 2019
College graduation will be sometime in 2019. Afterwards, I plan to enroll at West Chester for my MBA. Their online program is accredited by AACSB and affordable at ~$10K per year.

College Truth Videos: 2019 2020
I am late in posting the college truth videos and I am sorry about that. Many people have asked me to re-post them because there was a good amount of advice in them. I plan to record new ones, after I am done with undergrad this year.

My Future Cap Book: 2019 2020
For those of you who are interested in reading my book, I plan to have the book revised with a new, simpler title. The book is not available, so beware of any false downloads. I will work on the new copy, once I am done with undergrad this year.

Music Development: 2020
Music is on hold at the moment. But I do have plans to release songs in the future.

Thanks, Roy

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