Thursday, November 1, 2018


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By Roy Philipose

Since June 2014, my name has been damaged and I've been severely harassed, due to false accusations and assumptions. I don’t need the harassment and my health has declined because of it. (Here I am again with an explanation.) The negative feedback has affected me in many ways. I accidentally broke down at a shareholder meeting, after asking my approved question, and apologized for it afterwards. In that break down, I accidentally asked to be CEO -- none of which was planned. Independent bloggers, who did not verify what was going on, published part of the meeting online. The short video from the meeting went viral -- based on false assumptions -- and has caused me much harm. The published false assumption is that everyone thinks that I was frustrated that I wanted to be CEO -- which is not true. I was frustrated because I was going broke and was going to default on my credit, and I had a breakdown as a result. 

Prior to the start of the meeting, I was told by Investors Relations that I could not make a request for a retail position. Asking to be CEO was something I wanted to mention later on in private, not in public -- I have the ability to lead. But since I was so distraught, because of my personal finances, that request accidentally came out. To be frustrated that I wanted to be CEO is dumb and silly, and anyone who believes that is dumb and silly. The video continues to be reposted and displayed, causing me continued harassment. I am still seeking a law firm to sue the harassers, bloggers and social media. 

Since 2016, I have been working at a major financial company. I have a solid reputation at work and I am one of the top associates in my department. I do normal things and have already moved on with my life. I have people who know me and can vouch for me, but I haven't got them involved because their names will get damaged too. Social media can be a false and dangerous place. I have integrity, but others do not. I don't need to be harassed forever by random, anonymous people. 
It's a never-ending cycle of false assumptions that turns into defamation and harassment. That harassment has caused pain for me and my family.

Back in 2014, all I was looking for was help with my personal finances, job/career, or academic assistance. But no one offered any assistance whatsoever. If I saw someone who needed help and I was in the position to offer assistance, I would have offered it. Since 2012, I have been looking for reliable full-time work; it took me four years to find it. That shows "capitalism" is not working out for everyone due to limited or lack of opportunity.

I have never been crazy or delusional in my entire life, but I have dumb or amateur bloggers (such as @niketas and @pewdiepie) who showcase me as some fruit cake -- I am a free-thinking philosopher. Bloggers have never contacted me to do an interview. I have attempted to reach out to them, but they don't get my message or just don't care to respond. So far, I've been harassed by a hundred people (such as @sarahadowney and @officiallymadii) and helped by none. It is fun, fast, free and easy to harass people or damage someone's credibility online. 

Due to the continuous anonymous harassment on Twitter, I have logged out of the service and I have no plans to log back in. Social media companies need to be liable for the actions of their users -- because people who are anonymous have the power to cause great harm. There is no validation of content and no identification of users. If you give people the power to publish, then you are liable for what they publish. 
Right now, no one is liable. 

Currently, I have a group of people out there whose goal is to bring me down. These anonymous people have caused my health and work performance to decline.

Recently, the owner of the L.A. Times called social media a "cancer" and the Pope called someone who publishes lies a "terrorist." I agree and I have said similar things before.

- Roy Philipose

© Copyright Roy Philipose 2018. All rights reserved. Reposting of material is prohibited.