Friday, August 28, 2015

Digital Harassment, Reddit

by Roy "Dr. P" Philipose

Post updated Dec 2015.

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Ever since the Tesla shareholder meeting in 2014, I have been bombarded with negative comment and email. We live in a world of assumption and perception. There was no concern whatsoever. I am still being harassed, to this day, by many individuals. Social media platforms (like YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter) are perfect for anonymous one-way harassment, violations, and hate crimes. The continual harassment has caused me additional pain. The only people here are the anonymous haters who continue to attack me online, and get away with it. One thing I have learned: People are more willing to harm you than help you. You can stop harassment in the real world, but harassment in the online world can go on forever. BTW, anyone who wants to harass me -- in any way, shape, or form -- gets reported to law enforcement.

Reddit is the front page for harassment. You can setup multiple anonymous accounts and harm people left and right. Reddit management doesn't care at all, because it does not directly affect them. Reddit has built their company on violations, and continual violations.

Note to harassers: You people lack maturity and character. You're young and you're stupid, and you don't know any better. You are the ones who need help. You people assume so much and you're so dumb with it. You feel safe being anonymous.

Because of lies and assumptions:
1) Philadelphia Police verbally assaults me repeatedly, causing me great loss (Sept 2012).
2) Homeland Security interviews me and finds nothing, states misunderstanding (June 2014).

List of Suspects:
1) Iamniketas, Youtube user, this guy falsely stated that I trolled Elon Musk (Russia)
2) Encyclopedia Dramatica, dirty malware website that violates copyright (Ukraine)
3) Reddit, anonymous message board where users can freely lie and harass (Usa)
- Usernames: piranhawc - deleted (Reddit allows post and deletes)

(Re: Tesla Meeting) I mentioned to IR, right before the meeting started, that I was going to make a casual meeting request to the CEO, and then was told not to. So then I became very frustrated. During Q/A I lost it, apologized, and that's it -- end of story. I lost it pretty much after the main question. There is nothing more to it, end of discussion. None of that 2nd part was planned nor intentional, not even the apology. I didn't come there to go off on Mr. Musk. It only looked that way. Life is unpredictable, at times. No one goes to a shareholder meeting and asks to be the CEO. If you believe that I intended to publicly say those things, it shows how assumptious you are. Afterwards many assumptions were made, but zero requests for explanation.

Most of you watch the trolling video (which is falsely titled, defaming, and publicly shown) and only see the middle part; you don't see me in normal activities before and afterwards. The media shows what they want. Most of you have nothing to do with the shareholder meeting, yet you want to criticize and harass. Most of you assume that I am some nut job, but none of you have proved anything, only lies and assumptions. Some of you have stated that I suffer from autism...Man! You are fuc**** stupid.

I am not a super genius. Elon Musk is not one either. Super genius would imply someone who is superb at creating formulas or complex and sophisticated algorithms, or something along those lines. I am not able to do those things. SG was an assumption on my part, just like the assumption you guys made about me. We all make assumptions and mistakes. Tesla Mgnt. assumed and took action, without receiving explanation.

Regarding me running Tesla, that only shows some ambition I have and care that the company succeeds. The "2nd look" that I asked for, was for me to come on board at the retail level. Unfortunately, Tesla has a bias of hiring younger people and less minorities for their sales team at their retail stores. Asking to be an "executive" was for something down the road. Since I was so frustrated that I couldn't ask for a meeting, among other things, it all came out jumbled up together. And most of you assumed that I came to the meeting like that. I didn't. Rather than assuming and taking action, ask for explanation (unless in danger), which none of you have. And you keep attacking me for it.

Philly PD assumed and attacked me, and didn't care much for explanation. Internal Affairs is basically a joke. If that horrible day didn't occur, I would be fine today as an Investor. There wouldn't have been an extended shareholder meeting, nor the harassment that followed afterwards. Philly PD owes me $250K for pain and suffering, and my investment loss. But they are never going to pay. If I acted the way the officers acted toward me, they would have shot and killed me on the spot. (The completed verbal assault by the Philly PD, came right after an attempted physical assault by RJ Crew members.)

I have people who continue to harm me online, posting lies and assumptions, making me look bad. You don't know me at all...but that is online. You can harm people left and right and generally not get harmed back. Open media platforms allow digital harassment, and don't respect copyrights. Google will index the whole web, and that includes indexing dirty and false websites. Online platforms allow weak people a chance to attack others, because they couldn't do it in real life.

If you don't know someone well, you should not be speaking about that person. My name has been tarnished, not by me, but by others. There are other Roy Philipose's out there, and their names have been damaged too. I have individuals and companies that don't want to partner, invest, or hire me because they think I am a nutjob. BTW, A nutjob doesn't give more than 1000 Uber/Lyft rides while maintaining a high quality driver rating. (Note: Driving for Uber is a scam. Driving for Lyft is no better.)

None of you have ever spoken to or met me, so all you can do is incorrectly or falsely comment. If any fool here wants to negatively comment about me, come see me here in Philadelphia. I will rip you apart and then some.

I will address the many lies and comments in my upcoming rap music. I hope to get it done soon.

© Copyright 2015 Roy Philipose. All rights reserved.