Thursday, November 1, 2018


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Since June 2014, I have been harassed and my name has been damaged due to false accusations and assumptions. I don’t need the harassment and my health has declined because of it. (Here I am again with an explanation.) The negative feedback has affected me in many ways. I accidentally broke down at a shareholder meeting and apologized for it. The video went viral for the wrong reasons, causing me much harm. I don't need to be harassed for the rest of my life. 

I am still seeking a law firm to sue the harassers, bloggers and social media for defamation and harassment. I now work at a major financial company, where I am one of the top associates in my department. I have people who know me and can vouch for me, but I haven't got them involved because their names will get damaged too. Social media can be a dangerous place.

I came to a shareholder meeting to ask a legitimate question, which was approved by Investor Relations beforehand. My only intention was to ask for a job right afterwards. Simply, I was ready to state that I wanted to contribute and I have applied for a retail position. But I was told by IR, I could not ask for that. So I then started to break down. I was going broke and I had high expectations I would not. 

I broke down at the meeting because I was going broke and going down (financial default). It had nothing to do with anything else. None of that was planned.

Since that day, many people have assumed that was intentional and many people have harassed me for it. It was not. I have leadership abilities, but I did not come there to ask for any leadership positions. I was under financial stress and broke down by accident, and apologized afterwards. (You can thank the Philadelphia Police for the breakdown. Back in Sept. 2012, the Philly PD verbally assaulted me repeatedly, based on false accusations and assumptions. Because of that day, I had a related breakdown at the 2014 meeting.)

I have asked dumbfuck, 3rd party bloggers (including @pewdiepie) to take down the videos and posts, but they don't get my message or they refuse to. Flagrant and irresponsible bloggers showcase me as a nut job causing me much harassment, but don't interview me to showcase me as a normal person. I attended the June 2012 meeting and asked a question with no issue. Social media companies, such as YouTube and Reddit, allow fake news and false facts which cause harassment and hatred.

For example, Madi Collier, a Texas A+M student, recently contacted me on Twitter. I confronted her, and she quickly deleted her tweet and blocked me. I've saved and posted her dumb tweet to her school. She thought she could harass me and get away with it. It shows how rude and dumb many young people are. To date, I have received no money or apology from her. She may get an A for engineering, but a F for character. Madi Collier is an example of the many who has harassed me over the years. She didn't randomly contact me to offer any help, but just to offer me harm. So far, I've been harassed by a hundred people and helped by none.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy -- I am not. Everyone thinks they have the 
right to harass me -- they don't. Everyone thinks I was frustrated that I wanted to be CEO -- I wasn't. I was frustrated that I was going broke and broke down as a result. Everyone cringes because they see a video they're not supposed to see and make assumptions without verifying anything -- very few have asked me for an explanation. You people have listened to a dummy blogger and then became a dummy. You people are the nutjobs and killers -- shooting up the schools and workplaces every week. I'm not going to kill myself -- you people are killing me. I haven't harmed anybody, but many people have harmed me. Go showcase and harass yourselves! 

Recently, the owner of the L.A. Times called social media a cancer and the Pope called someone who publishes lies a terrorist. I agree and have said similar things before.

Take down the videos and posts, and leave me alone!

In life, you deserve the harm you create.

-Roy Philipose

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