Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just give me your name and address.

(Post finalized)

It's funny. I unintentionally get frustrated at a shareholder meeting, because I wanted to help. Words accidentally came out and got jumbled around. And people assume and turn on me for it. I have more people who want to harm me, then want to help.

I don't need direct harassment from anyone. It's a constant fight that I don't really want. Imagine trying to live your life, but you are hounded by the public for something that people assume you did. It's not fun. It makes one health poor. I am not 100% because of it.

People have accused me of being crazy. But if you accuse someone, you have to prove. So far, no one has. No one ever will. You can't prove something that doesn't exist. I can accuse you of being racist. Yes, I can accuse too. But I am not going to contact you and harass you for it.

How do you like America? How do you like the world? Crazy, isn't it? It will continue to be crazy for a long time. That's Inequality for you.

I don't need to explain myself for a private matter that was cleared up a few days later. The general public has nothing to do with it. You are not involved. Hence the saying, "Not everything is what it seems."

The harassment needs to end. I can't focus that well. I need to make great music, and make the world a better place. But that's not going to happen anytime soon. It's hard to come after anonymous people.

Stay away from me. I don't need your continual accusations and criticism. For those who want to harass me, the police can be knocking on your door. Just give me your name and address.

Roy "Dr. P" Philipose

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