Thursday, November 1, 2018


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Since 2014, I have been harassed and my name has been damaged due to false accusations and assumptions. I don’t need the harassment and my health has declined because of it. The anonymous harassment has affected me personally and professionally. I came to a private shareholder meeting to ask a legitimate question, which was approved beforehand. My only intention was to ask for a job right afterwards. Simply, I was ready to state that I wanted to contribute and I have applied for a retail position. But I was told by IR, I could not ask for that. So I then started to break down. I was going broke and I had high expectations I would not. I am still seeking an attorney to sue the bloggers and social media for defamation and harassment. I don't need to be harassed for the rest of my life. 

I broke down at the meeting because I was going broke and going down (financial default). It had nothing to do with anything else. None of that was planned.

After the first question, I tried to hold myself together but I could not. Instead of asking for a job, I asked to be part of senior management. I had zero expectations for that and none of that was planned. I have high abilities to lead, but I didn’t come there to ask for any high level positions. But I accidentally broke down and accidentally asked to be CEO. (You can thank the Philadelphia Police for the breakdown. Back in Sept. 2012, they verbally assaulted me repeatedly, based on false assumptions, causing me much harm.) Again, none of that was planned and I even apologized right afterwards. Since that day, many people have assumed that was intentional and many people have harassed me for it. It was not. I have asked dumbfuck 3rd party bloggers (including @pewdiepie) to take down the videos and posts, but they refuse or don't get my message. Bloggers showcase me as a nut job causing me much harassment, but don't interview me to showcase me as a normal person.

Take down the videos! Take down the posts! Leave me alone!

-Roy Philipose

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