Saturday, June 4, 2016

Re: June 2014 Tesla, Inequality

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by Roy "Dr. P" Philipose

[We are a nation of tribes and empires, as the commonwealth weakens. The industrial complex is alive and well. The politicians did not "promote the general welfare", as stated in U.S. Constitution. Quality of life continues to decline for many. It seems like we don't care that we harm others. It is truly survival of the fittest.]

I don't need assumptions. I need access to opportunity to escape inequality.

I would like to thank the many people who have been negative to me. If you are going to accuse someone of something, especially after years have gone by, make sure you have proof. Otherwise, you are an absolute liar.

Since my last tweet, March 2015, my health has declined. I have difficulty performing my music which has delayed my demos. My goals are to: improve my overall health, work on my music, and escape inequality.
Rap Lyrics:
/Due to additional stress, I can drop dead any day. You people are the killers. I don't need negative energy sent my way./
/I was happy being an investor living my private life. But now I am the famous nutjob coming after Elon Musk right?/

Google is a helpful company to many. But they can also be harmful. Here are three examples:
1) Google owns YouTube. YouTube allows the rebroadcast of a shareholder meeting and false text, by an unofficial third party. Just because the NFL game is on TV, it doesn't mean you have the rights to air it or rebroadcast it. That part of the shareholder video belongs to me. I have U.S. copyright, and YouTube continues to violate my copyright by airing it.
I have complained to YouTube multiple times.
2) Google runs a search engine. Unfortunately, someone created a webpage called "Encyclopedia Dramatica", and it is filled with false information and malware. When you visit that webpage and click anywhere, a second page appears. This page is a malware download. Many people probably have a virus and not even aware of it.
I have complained to Google multiple times.
3) Google recently listed a malware download. My book that I published "The Future Capitalist" is not currently available, at the moment. Someone has created a fake download page using Google sites, and an associated malware virus attached to it. 
I have complained to Google multiple times.

Many of you see that 2nd part trolling video and think I am crazy. I am not. Most of you didn't see the 1st part question, which was approved by Investor Relations. I spoke to them right before the meeting started. I have never been crazy or delusional. I have been inequality frustrated. Get your facts straight. Don't just assume and accuse. If I knew beforehand about shareholder proposals, I would have filed one for employment diversity.

There is nothing wrong about aspiring to be CEO or Vice Chairman of a company. We need more societal leaders. But I wasn't frustrated over that. That is your dumb assumption and continual accusation.

I got frustrated, lost it and apologized. None of that was planned. Shit happens!

There are 2 reasons why I acted the way I did. First reason, my wealth (positive) was going back to inequality (negative). My investment portfolio was experiencing a major decline. Second reason, I became frustrated that I couldn't speak to Musk about coming on board, at the retail level. I applied for a "product specialist" position that I was highly qualified for, but did not get.

What you experienced was a pure example of wealth inequality, nothing more. I did not lose it at the shareholder meeting because I wanted to be CEO. I lost it because I was going broke and headed back to inequality. And that is what has happened. But you can believe what you want.

Elon Musk doesn't know about wealth inequality, nor come from it. He is clueless like many people on the wealth side. I asked Elon Musk for help. He never got back to me. Once you are back in inequality, you can stay stuck there forever. Many of you don't know what it is like to suffer from poverty or inequality. Everyday, I work hard to escape the inequality that I am in. But I have to suffer additional setbacks and harassment, from people offline and online. 

Some people have said that the video was disturbing to watch or cringing. Yes, wealth inequality is disturbing or cringing. Here is a YouTube video.

Wealth Inequality is a big problem here in America, and is a major contributor to societal decline. The wealthy and affluent, who live in a bubble, are generally clueless and oblivious to it, and some who are aware just don't care. There is a huge wealth grab going on in America. And it seems like the rich want it all. Some want more wealth at any cost. Uber and Lyft are great examples of wealth inequality. Uber and Lyft has the wealth and the drivers have the inequality. Inequality is a reason why the economy is slowing down, and terrorism-like events are occurring.

If you don't have any wealth or protected by welfare, you can be wiped out. The Native Americans were nearly wiped out like 200 years ago. Gentrification today is wiping people out. History is repeating itself.

YouTube and Reddit are unregulated media companies, which can make them technically dangerous. There is no central board of complaint. It is good that we have an open Internet, where the general public can say whatever they want. But it becomes bad when people can state lies and get away with it. Normal media companies would be held liable. Social media is great for harassment, and profiting at your expense. Both YouTube and Reddit owe me $1M each for continual defamation, harassment, and copyright infringement. But they are not going to pay.

I stated that I was a super genius. I am not. I over-estimated my intelligence and Elon Musk's intelligence. (People make mistakes all the time by over-estimating and under-estimating things.) Any super genius would be sovereign and single ruler of the world. That person doesn't exist. But, I am a free thinker. And free thinking can get you into trouble. Also, I may have been over-ambitious when I said that, I can help run Tesla. I would have been happy for entry-level work in their retail store, showing promise, and moving up the company.

Tesla is a technology company. But technology alone is not going to solve the world's problems. Social innovation is required. Artificial Intelligence is not going to feed people, and Virtual Reality is not going to house them. At a basic level, you need food to eat and a place to sleep. But both quality food and housing are becoming more expensive. Overall, quality of life continues to decline for many Americans.

My goal is to escape Inequality, and achieve a better quality of life. If anyone can help me with that, please contact me. If you just want to harass me like a Microsoft, Product Hunt, or Nventive employee, don't bother. I will continue to try, to escape on my own.

© Copyright 2016 Roy Philipose. All rights reserved.